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What Are Those Black Streaks On My Roof?

Free Roof Cleaning Report About Black Streaks Caused By Algae
What Most Contractors Don't Want You to Know, The Truth About Roof Algae
If you are one of many homeowners who are thinking about replacing your roof, or know of someone who is, make sure the roof needs to be replaced.
One of the services we provide is roof cleaning. Though we are a pressure washing company, we do not pressure wash roofs, low pressure roof cleaning is the answer.
We also do something that is unique to the industry: we provide FREE information to you, so you can make an informed and intelligent decision when choosing a contractor. We have dedicated our business to consumer education and service.

What Are The Black Streaks On My Roof?
Unsightly black stains or streaks on asphalt shingles are caused by a hardy type of algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. The algae feeds on the crushed limestone that is used in asphalt shingles. Rain spreads the algae down the roof causing the black streaks. These streaks are not only unsightly but cause the shingles to fail prematurely by not allowing the shingles to reflect heat properly.

50% Of Roofs Are Replaced Due To The Way They Look.
This is not because of their functionality. Half of the roofs ever replaced in the Midwest didn't need replaced, only cleaned. Just as mold and mildew can grow on your vinyl siding, wind blown algae can land and grow on your roof. Replacing your roof because of this algae is like replacing your siding instead of having it cleaned; it just doesn't make sense.
Some roofing contractors don't know what these black streaks are, saying it's the asphalt showing through the shingles or that it's water stains. Some contractors may know it's algae but tell you it can't be cleaned without damaging the shingles. In either case, they may tell you that the roof needs replaced. This is not true if your shingles are still in good shape. The algae can be killed and removed properly without damaging the shingles using a low pressure chemical application (recommended by shingle manufacturers).
Never use a pressure washer on an asphalt shingle roof, doing so will blow granules off the shingles and lessen the longevity of your roof.

Roof Cleaning Is Recommended By Shingle Manufacturers.
Companies like Owens Corning and GAF, and also the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association recommend a low pressure chemical application using certain cleaners to restore shingles suffering from roof algae, followed by a low pressure rinse. We use the cleaners and methods recommended by these companies, for a safe and damage free roof cleaning. If your shingles are still in good shape but have roof algae on them, having your roof cleansed will allow you to get the full life out of your shingles, saving you thousands of dollars.

Signs Of Aged Shingles Needing Replaced.
We do not recommend cleaning shingles that are in need of being replaced. If you're not sure if your roof needs replaced or cleaned, here are some signs of an aged roof:

1) brittle or crumbling shingles
2) excessive amount of shingle granules in your gutters
3) bottom corners of shingles curled up
4) wavy, warped, or heaved shingles
5) very thin or loose shingles
If you are still unsure about the status of your roof, we will be glad to evaluate it for you. We will not clean shingles that need replaced, because cleaning the roof won't solve the problem if the shingles are aged. On the other hand, if you call a roofing contractor, you may not get the whole truth and may be persuaded into replacing a roof that only needs to be cleaned.

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Elastomeric Roof Coatings on Friday, July 12, 2013 1:02 AM
Many home owners are surprised to discover that the once clean asphalt roof shingles have been slowly covered with a form of roof mold or mildew that appears as a light discoloration and spreads down the roof toward the gutters. The black roof stains are caused by a form of algae that has been around for years, typically found in the woods on the north side of trees, or on exposed rocks; but now this black algae is termed a roof shingle algae because of the annoying discoloration on a asphalt shingle roof. The roof algae actually feeds on the crushed limestone that is present in shingles from most asphalt shingle roof manufacturers. The roof algae is spread by wind and animals from roof to roof and is almost impossible to prevent.
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The black roof stains are caused by a form of algae that has been around for years, typically found in the woods on the north side of trees, or on exposed rocks
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