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Ore Creek Powerwashing, a Michigan power washing company.  We take the power out of powerwashing! 

"The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory"
~Aldo Gucci
What is Soft Washing?
Due to the damage that is caused by high pressure powerwashing machines and unskilled operators, new specialized accessories and new techniques have been developed that eliminate the potential for damaging a wide variety of surfaces.  We call this process "Soft Washing".  This  process was developed to protect your property.  Ore Creek Powerwashing is fully equipped with all needed accessories and have mastered the techniques associated with the Soft Washing process.
The process consists of applying a customized cleaning solution, letting the solution work and then rinse away the unwanted debris while using only Low Pressure Cleaning Methods to insure the safety of your roof, siding and screens.
The soft washing techniques allow us to clean your home safely.  In fact, we can clean a two or three story home without using any ladders, without leaving the ground level.
What does this mean for you? It means that there is no chance of a ladder slipping down your home, scratching the siding or breaking a window or hurting someone.
Roof Washing
Are Ugly Black Roof Stains Ruining Your Homes Curb Appeal?
Don't Replace Your Roof - Clean It!
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The Truth About Roof Cleaning and Roof Algae
http://www.midwestprowash.com/roof_algae_report.html what you should know about roof cleaning black roof algae streaks.
Our Roof Washing Warranty
on any returning black streaks
Do you have a 10 or 15 year old roof that has you thinking it is time to replace?  Do you want to save 90 % off of the replacement costs?  Why replace your old dingy roof when a good cleaning would give you the look of a brand new roof?
ugly-roof - Detracks from curb appeal and is holding in moisture on the shingles.  This is deteriorating shingle life.
These unsightly stains are caused by Gloeocapsa Magma algae.  Roof algae stains occur on asphalt shingle roofs, usually on the north side of your home.  The roof algae starts as dots, then takes a cone shape and can eventually cover your entire roof.
We offer a low pressure roof cleaning to remove the black mold streaks and other stains from your roof.  Protect your investment and prolong the life of your roof.  Our methods are safe and they provide excellent results. 
It is important that you use a power washing company that practices "soft washing" techniques.  If a company wants to use a high power pressure washer to wash your roof - run away!
Roof Washing - Hamburg, Michigan:
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Roof Washing - Hamburg, Michigan
This roof was not walkable. The pitch was very steep. With our roof cleaning set up, we are able to apply our cleaning solution without walking the roof. Black streaks or ...
Read this technical bulletin from the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA)

It indicates the proper procedures to follow when washing roof shingles.
        Roof Washing Prices
There are many variables that influence price..please call for an over the phone estimate.
House Washing
Low Pressure Vinyl Siding Cleaning Specialists!

If you want instant curb appeal, Ore Creek Power Washing is your first choice to clean your property!

Do Not Let Anyone Clean Your Home With A Pressure Washer!
House Washing - Vinyl and Aluminum, Hardi Plank
Pressure washing can be doing more harm than good to your property.  When water is forced underneath vinyl siding, there is a high probability that mold and mildew will develop and the wood underneath the siding to rot.  We use  the "Soft Washing" technique.  We use  pressure no greater than a garden hose to apply our specially formulated soaps and detergents that work to remove dirt, algae, mildew and mold from your siding. 
Do not let anyone clean your home with a pressure washer!  Call the professionals at Ore Creek Powerwashing to wash your house the safe and proper way.
 Low-Pressure House Washing Video:
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Ore Creek Powerwashing-Vinyl House Washing, Brighton Michigan
Low pressure powerwashing used to wash a house. We complete the process without the use of ladders. Soft washing like this prevents direct high pressure on the vinyl siding that can cause damage, pl...
Residential Vinyl or Aluminum Sided House Washing
It's no secret that the cost of living and the cost of doing business is getting more and more expensive!  Ore Creek Powerwashing is always looking for new ways to save money for its customers.  In a word, we want to keep prices low!  The pricing list below is a time saver to us and offers cost saving for you.  Many contractors around town have resorted to charging for every estimate.  With the rising cost of doing business and the increase in fuel cost, we understand the route many are following.  However, nobody should have to pay for something they may not be ready to buy.  To save money on fuel cost, we offer this up front price list.  Some may call us crazy to show our prices to our competitors.  So... beware of copy cats or contractors that lower their prices to beat ours.  Ask them how they clean the outside of your house.  We follow update soft -washing techniques learned from our peers from Power Washers of North America (PWNA). Ask about our strick policies we follow to clean any home.

Neighborhood multi-home discount available

We Remove Sprinkler Rust From Siding & Concrete
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Sprinkler Rust Removal
Years of rust build up on this vinyl siding. In no time, the rust disappears
* House washing prices vary and are dependent upon severity of Algae or Mold.  The house washing price does not include the price to clean the face of exterior gutters.
Concrete Cleaning
Brick Paver
Cleaning and Sealing
$$ Save Money $$
Clean your concrete side walk, driveway or brick pavers instead of replacing it.
Cleaning concrete at entrance ways increase your homes curb appeal!Cement can be one of the most challenging substances around a home to clean. Concrete is very porous which allows dirt, tree sap and rust stains or actually mineral
stains, to sink deep down making it almost impossible to clean with just soap and water. In order to clean concrete effectively, you must use a commercial
grade power washer along with professional grade cleaners made for cleaning concrete.
Concrete Cleaning in Action:
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Ore Creek Powerwashing - Concrete Cleaning
Dirty concrete porch cleaned quickly and efficiently.
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Livingston County - Michigan. This concrete patio is being washed with a surface cleaner. The concrete is very dirty and has on it algae. Not only is it unsightly, it can be unsafe to walk on.
Concrete Driveways Cleaning Prices:
     *Single Car Driveways - $150.00 minimum
     *Double Car Driveways - $200.00 minimum
Brick Paver Restoration Cleaning Prices:
Concrete Cleaning, Side Walk restoration
*Power wash, Re sand and Seal
       from $ 1.30 s.f.
* Prices may vary due to severity of dirt, oil, rust and sealant on concrete or pavers.  Prices above is for surface cleaning only without the use of special cleaners.
Brick Paver and Concrete Cleaning
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Ore Creek Powerwashing
Ore Creek Powerwashing in Brighton Michigan. Summary of concrete and brick paver cleaning. Using a surface cleaner connected to a powerwasher made completing this project quite easy. We are able to...
Video Summary of Our Work
This video covers all of the services Ore Creek Powerwashing performs.  It's a collection of fine craftsmanship that has set Ore Creek Powerwashing apart from the competition for many years.  Enjoy!
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Roof Cleaning, vinyl siding cleaning, concrete cleaning and deck cleaning
Advertisement for powerwashing company located in Brighton Michigan. We service Livingston, Oakland, and Wastenaw Counties. We specialize in Vinyl siding cleaning, roof cleaning, concrete and deck c...
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