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The first three pictures below show "Soft Wash Roof Cleaning" in action.  We do not use a higher volume pressure washer to clean a roof.  Ore Creek Powerwashing is fully equipped with the latest roof cleaning system that uses only soft-washing techniques to clean a roof. NO POWERWASHER IS USED!  If anyone states that they will remove unsightly stains off your roof by using a pressure washer ~ run away!  Algae is removed by simply applying detergents onto a roof with pressure no greater than a garden hose.
Roof Washing
Roof shingles have been treated by using soft washing techniquesDSCN0608-1 Ugly black streaks clearly visible upon shingles.  This is killing the roof slowly
Kevin walking this roof and applying cleaning agents to remove the Gleocapsa Magma algae from the shingle.Now that is a dirty roof!
Gleocapsma Magma is an airborne algae that attaches itself to your roof.  As it rains, some of this algae drops down the roof.  Once roof is dried, it will breed continuously, thus those ugly black streaks.After being treated with our proprietary cleaning solution, this roof is algae free and is restored to its original appearance.  
Kevin, owner/operator of Ore Creek Powerwashing seen here using soft wash techniques to clean a clients roof. 
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Trek Deck Soft
Wash Cleaning
Trek or Composite Decking is cleaned without using a power washer.This image shows a partially cleaned decking that has been cleaned using soft washing techniques.
As seen on the right of this image, a clean portion of the trek deck is clearly seen.Trek/Composite cleaning in action.
Professional results!  Cleaned without the use of powerful power washer.
Our results stand out from other companies.

House Washing
Vinyl siding is going through the soft washing process.  It will remove mold, algae and dirt from vinyl siding
Vinyl siding cleaned 
Algae seen here, often visible and prevalent around area that receive less sunlight.Dirt and Algae are safely removed by using soft washing techniques and water pressure no greater than a garden hose. 
Our cleaning solutions can easily remove and kill this algae.A nicely cleaned house and deck makes hosting parties fun again! 
Sprinkler System Rust Removal
DSCN2233 - Sprinkler rust on mailbox caused by well water from sprinklers 
Just When You Thought, "It Can't
Be Saved!"We use specialty cleaners and detergents to remove unsightly rust stains from any surface.DSCN2235 Cleaned.  This process took 15 minutes to complete.
Concrete Cleaning
Brick Paver Cleaning
This concrete has been cleaned and restored like it were brand new!
Dirty concrete can detract from the overall appearance of your home.  Ore Creek Powerwashing does it for less!
This pool concrete overlay has had the mold, dirt and algae safely removed and its looks so much better.  DSCN1945 Mold and dirt on concrete overlay
Restored overlay. The process to clean and seal any project usually takes two or more days.The concrete had an enormous amount of mold and dirt on it.  It is unsafe to have your concrete look this way.  Slippery when wet! 
Clean pavers.  In a few days, we return to complete the job by placing sand between the brick pavers.We use a surface cleaner to clean and restore the appearance of brick pavers.
A brick patio deck is cleaned, step one is complete.  We return days later to apply the sand.Kevin seen here using a surface cleaner to remove moss and dirt from the pavers.
Paver brick restoration is a great way to increase your homes appeal to others.A clean patio.  Upon return, sand is swept in between each paver brick locking them in place.
Gutter Whitening
All exterior gutters are hand washedYears of oxidation and dirt is easily removed and looking brand new!
After Ore Creek Powerwashing was finished!Before Ore Creek Powerwashing Came! 



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